This Week...frosty

Baby, it's frosty out there! ... While out on a walk earlier in the week, we admired what hard frost was doing to leaves... and what was being created with frozen water... 

And then, one day, there was a little snow! It didn't last long, but it was lovely. Luna had the best seat in the house, watching as it happened... 

As we bundle up here, make a hot drink, and throw a log on the fire... Wishing you all a happy weekend now! :) 


  1. how beautiful! I love the pictures.
    and I love that little luna gets to be safe and warm inside and yet enjoy watching it all!
    sending love and cozy hugs to you three! xo♥

  2. snow, beautiful snow!!! (is the picture with the benches from your house? it's darling!) stay warm! lots of hot tea!!! beautiful pictures!!!

    1. Yes, that's our garden--with table & chairs in the middle--seen from inside, from our living room windows. :)

  3. Very beautiful photos, Tracy! Luna looks like she's in her element --warm and toasty while the rest of the world goes white. I love the frosty leaves. The season is beginning.

  4. I love snow, as long as I don't have to drive in it. We probably won't get much this winter and not until after the new year. Keep warm and enjoy the lovely site.

  5. Wow! Frost and snow!
    Isn't it amazing that God creates those beautiful ice 'sculptures' and then they just melt and He makes more!

  6. Wishing for you a lovely weekend too! I really loved your photos; very unique. The little touch of know looked beautiful and of course Luna is adorable looking out at it.
    I will do the the same thing when the first storm comes in; a cup of hotchocolate and a fire. It sounds perfect to me.
    Sending hugs your way dear friend!

  7. I love your photos, Tracy. The view from your living room is particularly pretty. I can imagine sitting in that window and watching the snow, all warm and cosy with a cup of hot tea. Thank you for sharing, Marie x

  8. Oh, how utterly cosy Tracy! Luna looks very well settled! I can almost hear the logs crackling! I miss having a wood stove! We have had very mild weather here, but cool nights! Love to you all!! Xoxo

  9. Wow, look at that! It was 95F today here in when-are-we-getting-fall-land.


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