January Reading... 2018

January--and 2018--is off to a great start on the reading/book front here! Last year I was happy to discover that I read 50 books. That count actually might be higher, but according to the list I was keeping, my end tally of books read in 2017 was 50. A book per week, almost. So I'm excited to start a new list of books read, and share them!  I keep another, separate list of books I wish to read. It's very satisfying to be able to read through the books on one's reading-wish list!

Anyway, the stack of books above is part of a few trips to the library this month...  Shall we start from the bottom and work up? Most of the books are in Norwegian, apart from one in English. And there's been a mix of genres that I've been reading. The links are to Norwegian sources...

Moderne kalligrafi by Cecilia Skogh... to translate-- Modern Calligraphy. The art of calligraphy from a modern perspective, while paying homage to handwriting of the past. I borrowed this hoping to clean up my handwriting a bit, which is not so nice anymore since I hardly write by hand. And I'm using this as inspiration for a little project idea for February. 

Grøt by Vibeke Klemetsen...  simply translated-- Porridge... a whole book of recipes all about porridge/oatmeal! We've been trying some of them...mmm...

Den moderne jeger by Gry Hammer... my simple translation-- The Modern Hunter. How the town or city-dweller can use modern technology--mainly the internet--to become a modern day hunter, tracking down quality, healthy, sustainable food and improve health by eating better. Lots of recipes and inspiration for a modern way of living and eating. 

Naturguide for pilgrimer: blomster, fulger og dyr i kristen tradisjon by Trond Øigarden... And here we have, Nature Guide for Pilgrims: Flowers, Birds and Animals in the Christian Tradition, which is a guide book on the nature, flora and fauna found along the walking paths that have religious significance here in Norway--pilgrim paths, like the El Camino de Santiago--Pilgrimage of Compostela/The Way of Saint James, etc. The Creator and His creations celebrated in this beautiful book rich with photographs! 

Also in my library stack--two books by Per Arne Dahl, who is a pastor and bishop of the Norwegian State Church (Den norske kirke), which foundations are in Lutheranism.  I've read other of Dahl's books, finding in them great inspiration for my spiritual life. I've been reading Velsignet er de enkle ting. My English translation of this title would be: Blessed Are the Simple Things. Isn't that lovely?! And that is what the book is about--finding the beauty and spiritual solace in the "simple" things of life--which are usually right in front of us. Also read, Større en meg selv, which could translate as Greater Than Myself. The deep questions about finding God, and one's place in the world explored in this one. Unfortunately, I can't find a link to his books in English...he's not translated into English, which is a great pity...

But now for some links that are in English! At the top of the book stack is The Vintage Teacup Club by Vanessa Greene. When I began the first pages of this book, I must admit I was a bit unsure of this one. Worried it was going to be too "chic lit lite" for me... but I kept going and it was an OK read. Some nice "lite" reading after busy Christmas holidays.

Not shown, as they were returned to the library before I could take a pic, Bill Granger's Everyday Asian cookbook. This provided some good inspiration for Asian style/fusion food--our focus for the table this month, and which I'll share a little bit more about later this week.

Another January read was A Perfect Love --book 4 in the Heavenly Daze series by Lori Copeland and Angela Hunt. 

For some extra reading...  revisiting Little Women. TJ & I are reading this together, which is quite special, as it's one of my favorite books, and it's TJ's first time reading it! 

Oh, and my lovely friend Marie sent me A Knitter's Home Companion, written/compiled by Michelle Edwards, and is a delightful collection of stories about knitting, the knitting life, patterns, recipes and more--VERY sweet!!

What about you? What book(s) is/are on your nightstand, or coffee table, in your bag, or on your tablet/device... or even on your wish list?! Any recommendations?!


  1. 50 books thats so impressive Tracy! I went to our library last week and tried to get a book by the same author I enjoyed last year and sadly there were none in the library so had to order it in. Do you have to do the same or are there plenty of books to choose from on your library shelves?

    1. We are lucky in that our library has a lot of great offerings to read, and they take in a lot of new books too. Since I can read in Norwegian fairly well, I read a lot in Norwegian now. There is books in English section at our local library, but usually most of them aren't to my taste--a lot of chart-toppers and crime/drama. A lot of times we are able to use the library's inter-loan system, where we can request a book that may be at another library. So that is a way we get to read some things our local library don't have on their shelves. I use the Kindle app on my iPad for reading too--treating myself occasionally to a book I'm not able to get at all here, which happens sometimes. But mostly, we are very happy with our local library, and always come home with a stack of reading!

  2. Funny you should ask! I've been drafting up a book post, probably for later in the week. I'm finishing a classic 30s English mystery ("Inspector French and the Box Office Murders") and re-reading Vivian Swift's "When Wanderers Cease to Roam," one chapter a month (it's a "yearbook" so I have so far re-read January). I'm thinking next month might be "Lilac Girls" (WWII resistance) or Philip Starkey's "Six Wives of Henry VIII." But that could change on a whim!

    1. As always, I love your eclectic reading mix, Jeanie! Thanks for the recommendations! :)

  3. My books haven't changed much in the past month. Right now I am reading Darjeeling, the history of tea in that region of India.

  4. What a lovely assortment! The Knitting Home Companion sounds interesting. I am still going over which books i can part with. Some are old friends who will stay, others though are brief acquaintances who will stay while being read then go to a charity shop to meet someone who may become a dear friend to them. It feels as if during our childhoods up to our 30s we are busy accumulating things, but come our 40s, we start to shed them bit by bit, honing ourselves as we hone our possessions.

  5. I love that you read such a variety of different subjects. I think that is awesome. To read 50 books in a year is quite the accomplishment. I
    I really think it is sweet that TJ and you are reading; "Little Women". That is one of my all time favorites. I love the old and new version of the movies as well.
    I'm always looking for a light read so your book series by Heavenly Daze will go on a wish list for down the road. I do have a list of books to read.
    Right now I am reading; "The Book of Mormon". This is a book that we read and study over an over. It is a wonderful book about the people who came to this country and settled here in 600 BC. It is a book of scripture that goes along with the Bible. It is another testament of Jesus Christ.
    I belong to a Book Club and we are reading a book entitled; "The Color of Love". It's a light romance for sure with some thoughts to think about.
    I am also reading a beautiful book entitled; "When Life Gets Hard, remember, You Are Loved." by Kathryn Jenkins Gordon. It is a lovely book that helps you remember how much you are loved by our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ.
    I love to read so I did enjoy reading through your list.
    Blessings, warm hugs and love for you!


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