Winter Wishes

Remember our Winter Wishes Jar??!!

At the turn of the New Year, we opened the jar...

And, there were a few wishes in the jar, not very many... Here are our wishes:

Wishing for/to ...

* wellness and prosperity of family & friends

* volunteer/good work for an organization

* shape our garden into an urban homestead = more home grown food, sustainable living, happy place!

* travel to the UK = to visit friends, and visit places... and see this exhibit at London's V & A Museum, Frida Kahlo: Making Her Self Up ..Frida Kahlo's life examined through her clothing and personal possessions!!

* learn Italian and travel to Italy

* discover & cook a different food culture each month in 2018

* learn to make good, homemade pasta... maybe invest in a pasta maker?

* live less-plastic/less-waste in 2018! 

So... a do good, foodie, and travel theme... We like it! 

I see our not putting so many wishes in the Winter Wishes Jar as meaning that we are blessed, content and happy. We have most of what we need already. And, really, we hardly need much more. Life is good! But a few wishes are fun to have... and so we'll see what this year brings!

Do you have any special wishes for this year?! 


  1. I think that's quite a lot of wishes -- and ones you can actually do something about for the most part. And I really love them and your priorities. I am hoping to go to England in October. Still not quite sure if it will happen and hoping Rick will go as well but we'll see. I'd like to be there long enough to enjoy city and country and also a few days in Paris to see our friends there. We'll see!

    I'd say a foodie-travel-do good theme is a pretty nice one!

    1. Oooo... I hope you get to do your England/Paris trip this year, Jeanie! Where do you plan to go? A nice get away for you & Rick! Oh, it sets the mind to dreaming, doesn't it?! We've been itching for a long time to get back to England too. And been wanting to go to Italy as well, as we've not been--love the food, culture, history, etc. Fun we're both being bit by the travel bug! ;)

  2. I do like the thought of creating wishing jar. I loved all your wishs. I especially liked that you wanted to learn Italian and visit Italy. Your travel plans sound so fun. I will love following your adventures on these.
    I liked the one to cook a meal each month from a different culture. I remember doing that one many years ago when I was raising my children; so fun!
    We are wishing to have a good garden this year too. I hope we can pull it off.
    Wishing for you a year of sweetness, posperity, health and continued learning and faith in our Savior.
    Blessings in Christ, love and extra hugs!

  3. some big things and doable things! nice to have such dreams!!! God bless and keep you both!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Elizabeth! A little dream big, and a little we can realistically do... I think it might work. :)

  4. Oh wow, I love this idea! We are in the midst of re-evaluating so much right now that I can't imagine writing down winter wishes. I do know I'd love to grow more of my own food: sub/urban homestead style. And travel.
    Blessings and THANKS to you, dear friend.

    1. Some periods of life are so much about doing, managing, re-organizing, re-evaluating, etc. And some periods have more rooms for dreams and extras... Both phases are good, in their unique ways. I hope you'll have room for some dreams, Willow! :) And hope you get to grown a lot of tasty goodness in your garden this year! ((HUGS))

  5. Oh, Tracy, you have some lovely winter wishes. May all of your wishes come true. Marie x

  6. Your Winter Wishes jar made me smile. Not too mucy and much more manageable because of that. I am thinking of making homemade pasta also! I love pasta. I just wish Todd did too! Love and hugs to you all and thanks for all that you share of your sweet spirit with us! Love you. xoxo

  7. perfect wishes in those jars....and some could very easily have appeared in mine (had I HAD a wish jar!!!!)......especially that plastic-thing. I'm chair of my garden club's conservation committee....and plastic is our hot topic of the new year. (I have a lot of people in the club who don't even recycle...let alone 'refuse' or 'reuse'....I have a steep learning curve to surmount!!!!)

    Great travel destinations, too....will be looking for pics in the future!


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