Family... make do and mend year 2018

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." 
--Native American Proverb

Here we are now in March, and another month to continue our Make Do and Mend Year. Following along with the Make Do and Mend Year Sustainable Planner (from My Make Do and Mend Life), the topic for March is-- FAMILY

This Make Do and Mend family topic mainly focuses on families with children and all the STUFF and things that can come with having a family with children. While we don't have children, we have enough STUFF accumulated between the two of us and one kitty cat! :/ So adapting ideas for this month...

Our FAMILY Goals and Actions for March:

1. NO SHOPPING... reviving January's no shopping actions, spend no money on STUFF. Only necessities--like food. Will have some food/drink treats for Easter soon.

2. AVOID SHOPPING CENTERS... pairing with no shopping above, no malls/shopping centers + no shopping = NO STUFF!! Just don't go...

3. NEED vs WANT... understand and be very clear about the differences between the two. Want less. Be happy with less. Appreciate needs that are met.

4. STUFF-LESS FUN... again, taking a few more pieces from our thrive with less January, enjoy free or inexpensive entertainments and other treats that don't involve buying more stuff.

5. SPRING CLEAN... we're in the midst of a big home spring clean during Lent now, and this month's Make Do and Mend challenge fits in so nicely now! Weed out what is not used or no longer needed and donate/share with others how my find these things useful. A pair of new pillows for sleep will be purchased soon, as well as some baskets for better storage. But in all, things are good here and we don't need more. 

6. GRATITUDE... practice extra gratitude for what we have already...happy with less... Why would we need more??!!

We did pretty good with last month's No Food Waste / No Water Waste challenge... so we're excited to try this one!

Do you have a special project or focus for this month, or for the year?  Do you have any tips or ideas to share?! 


  1. I’m with you on this one. We have far too much stuff, but then Mr C is a pack-rat and won’t throw anything away! It makes it challenging to have any kind of effective clear-out, but I’m sorting and donating my ‘stuff’ and doing a spring-clean anyway. Marie x

    1. haha... I have a similar "problem" here too sometimes Usually spring cleaning and clearing out is my idea and effort... ;) We can only start with ourselves andd our own things/relationship to stuff, anf hope our families will tag along, eventually and like the idea too and see how well it is to live with less stuff. Wishing you well as you do your big spring clean and clear out too, Marie! :)))

  2. This is sort of my goal for this year also. I have been tossing stuff, cleaning, finding things I forgot I had, and telling myself I don't need it when I go to the store. I am 3/4 through the cleaning and if feels oh so good. Good luck with your challenges for yourself this year.

    1. It's good to have a big challenge sometimes, isn't it? ;) Hope all goes well with your big clear out, Marilyn!

  3. No special projects but the ongoing purge. Cleaning isn't my strong suit but I did clean off my desk yesterday and it should stay that way for at least a few days!

    1. Happy days with the purge, Jeanie... and big smiles on clean desks! I clean up mine yesterday! :)

  4. you've known me so long now Tracy to know how much I love living with less.
    so I absolutely LOVE this post! so well and beautifully said. always.
    I call it living with Lagom. because whenever I said minimalist... which I still am
    and still do ... people always raise their eyebrows and say "oh I could never live like that." but I don't live in a stark white box! I just live with what little I need.
    and have since my teen years even. moving a lot helps. it keeps it simple.
    and we moved almost every year due to my Dad's job.
    luckily after I married... Bob was on board with me. until he got a new interest that is! whether fly tying and all that "stuff" when he became a fly fisherman! or turning our garage into a dark room when he discovered he loved photography! LOL!!!
    and the year we tried hydroponic vegetables! LOL. oh such wonderful years.
    ya just gotta let go and try to keep it as neat and organized as possible. wouldn't he have LOVED the new digital photography of today! I still miss him so much.
    ok. despite your kind comment on my overlong visits here... I'll hush and just say I loved this post! I especially loved your 'not buying anything new (stuff) month.'
    going to also do that as a personal challenge. XO

    1. LOVED your long comment Tammy! ;) And love your Bob stories shared. Oh, yes he would have loved all this technology! It might have turned into another hobby. As long as he kept it all in the garage, right? ;) There still does seem to be a misconception about minimalism being all about living in a white box (small as can be) with only 10 things and all your trash for the year fits in one small jam jar. Minimal is much more than counting items, but finding a real freedom in having, own, storing less to make space for expansive living beyond things. That whole less is more thing! :)

  5. With spring coming and winter almost over it is time to do the clothes clearing out. I read somewhere to turn all your hangers around backwards at the beginning of the season and whatever is STILL backward at the end you don't need. I have done this a couple of times and it is amazing how much easier it makes it to do a clear out. You don't have to think and rationalize about giving things up, you know you didn't wear them so why hang on to them? Now if I could only get Dale on board. When the kids left home he migrated to their closets so he now has those closets filled too plus his big closet in our dressing room. He comes from pack-rats on both sides of his family. So I guess there is just no hope for him. lol Good thing I love him. :)

  6. Wow, my dear I really loved this one. I liked everyone of your ideas. I most of all need to do the spring cleaning and purging thing. I have so much that is still in good condtion that I don't need that I can share with others. I will do this one for sure. I do think we live in excess of what we truly need. You are an inspiraiton in this area. I am going to copy your list down and start trying to do some of them and perhaps all of it.
    Thanks for sharing these outstanding ideas for simplifying life with living with less.
    Blessing, hugs and loving thoughts for you today!

  7. This all sounds like a brilliant plan. We seem to spend our lives accumulating STUFF, only to have clearcut sessions before beginning all over again! x

  8. I am so with you on all of this Tracy. I think that as you get older you naturally start to think about getting rid of things and paring down. I regularly have a clear out, but I tend to fill up again with more stuff. I need to just stop buying things I don't really need just because they strike my fancy. I really think that clearing out the clutter is one vital key to finding a happy space. Love you and all that you share! xoxo


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