Holy Week

Holy Week... Such a special week in the Christian calendar is Holy Week, sometimes known as Passion Week. Beginning yesterday with Palm Sunday, we walk these last days with Jesus...through His sad betrayal on Holy Wednesday, the Lord's Last Supper of Holy Thursday, and His terrible suffering of crucifixion and death on Good Friday... to the quiet solemnity  of Holy Saturday in prayer and fasting as we await the JOY of His Resurrection on Easter Sunday...

This week I TJ will have a little time off work. After some busy days of late we look forward to a break. I have plans for making and baking food for Easter festivities. And to take a little extra time in prayer, and prepare my heart, mind, body and spirit for receiving the JOY of Jesus risen on Easter Sunday!

Blessings to you all this Great and Holy Week!


  1. I'm confused -- refresh my memory. I thought the betrayal was AFTER the Last Supper in Gethsamane, on Maundy Thursday, not on Wednesday. Was that when Judas made the deal?

    It sounds like you'll have a lovely, thoughtful and quiet week. Yesterday we went to a choral performance of Vivialdi's Gloria and several other pieces and it was a beautiful way to begin the week.

  2. I'm no Biblical scholar of anything, Jeanie... But in the New Testament accounts of Holy Week, after Palm Sunday--Jesus' jubilant coming into Jerusalem--the plot to kill Jesus intensifies, and they want it before the Jewish feast of the Passover. Historically, Judas' intention to betray Jesus was formed on the Wednesday of Holy Week, where in some traditions it's called Spy Wednesday. On that Wednesday, Jesus was in Bethany, at the house of Simon the Leper, where a woman named Mary anointed Jesus's head and feet with the costly oil. Maybe you recall the story...There was grumbling about the cost of the oil among the Apostles, who were also gathered there. It was in that moment it's believed Judas decided--he would act and become part of the plot against Jesus.

    Holy Thursday commemorates the actual Last Supper--first with the washing of the feet. This is the last time Jesus shared with the Apostles, and where he explains so much of what is about to happen. Jesus' agony in the Garden of Gethesmane, happened Thursday too, that night, after the Supper. The exact location of the Last Supper, is of some debate, but according to tradition, happened in a place now called The Upper Room, on Mount Zion, a place just outside the Walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. It is the room Jesus instructed the Apotles to go ahead and make ready for their Passover feast together.

    Good Friday dawns in the Garden of Gethsemane, and there soldiers, led by Judas (having collected his 30 pieces of silver for effectively turning Jesus in), find Jesus, and He is arrested. And then unfolds Jesus questioned by the Sanhedrin, the rabbinical court, and then appreaing before Pontius Pilate and then the crowds, and all the sadness the that followed... I read somewhere that the term Good Friday, the "Good" part is actually a corruption of "God Friday", an obsolete way of referencing a holy goodness, if that makes sense. I hope some of this makes sense, and that I've told it correctly!

  3. blessings to you Tracy and TJ and little Luna! xo

  4. Savor your time in preparation for Easter each day this week. Sorry I have been slow to visit, I guess it was all the celebrating that was happening here last week. Back to reality this week and more cleaning in the basement. Ha! But first I must give thought to Easter and make preparations too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Marilyn! It takes time to get back to "normal" after all the fun... ;)

  5. Love and blessings to you, TJ and Luna Tracy! I hope you are enjoying the extra chance we have to ponder on and appreciate what the Saviour did for us this Easter week/weekend! I am so grateful for His goodness and I know you are too! I struggle to comprehend how people who were jubilantly welcoming him into Jerusalem on the Sunday could turn so completely later in the week and be shouting crucify him. I like think that I would not have turned my back on Him, but then again I have the benefit of the scriptures and the accounts of the other apostles to help me understand. Love you and a Very Happy Easter! Praise God for all of His goodness and to the Saviour for His incomprehensible gift to us! xoxo

  6. This week is such an important one in our worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We reflect each week on his Atonement for us all in the Garden of Gethsemane during our Sacrament. This is a time to think about our relationship with Him and on what we are doing to change and become more like Him. We make a covenant through our Sacrament to Always Remember Him, Keep His Commandments and then we have the promise to have His Spirit be with us.
    We believe in the Resurrected Christ and know that through Him we will all be resurrected again. I love that promise. Easter is such a joyful time. This year we have our faith's General Conference where we hear from our Prophet and the 12 Apostles and other leaders of the church. It is a great celebration for us this Easter weekend.
    Sending you Easter Blessings, thoughts and great love to you and I love your faithful heart. Big hugs!


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