Enjoying slow...

Well, helloooo there! How are YOU??!! Sooo my break was longer than I anticipated... I really needed a good break and time for a reboot. And we're finally having a taste of spring here! Gotta savor the season while it unfolds! Loving walks down by the beach near our home...

...and shells collected from the beach!

Two weekends ago at church, as part of an evening Sunday service--Gospel music! Members from two local church choirs led us in song. So much fun and spiritual inspiration!  We are enjoying our new church/community experience so much!

Using up some of the last of our dried herbs from last summer's garden, I made myself a little sleepy dream time pillow--stuffed with relaxing herbs of lavender, chamomile, mint and rose... Laid across the forehead or eyes, this is very calming for headaches, stress, etc.

Working on remedying the iron deficiency... adding more spinach and leafy greens to my diet, as well as taking this liquid iron supplement, Floradix Iron & Herbs

While finishing up some spring cleaning, I cleaned up my desk and work area. I added the fun pink & white baking twine "line" and mini wooden pegs to keep tidy a calendar, notes, reminders, etc. 

For quite a while now I've been using my iPad and phone for making lists, to-do's, calendar reminders, etc., and I still use my devices for a lot of things. But I was really missing the act of writing things down, so I've gone back to some "analog" daily calendar/ journal keeping. Just a simple spiral bound notebook, nothing special, and dividing up the pages with a little chunk of space for each day of the week... combining my to-do list, reminders, notes, and menu for each day, and a new Bible study for each week. Sometimes this is the only time during a week when I actively hand write something. I really like writing things down. And using pretty, happy colored pens. During Sunday afternoons with tea, I take a little time to plan the week ahead. I'm going slow lately in a lot of ways and appreciating it!

My first knitted sock! In case you missed my post last week about this adventure, click here

And a new-ish project, that I actually got started during Easter... These funky crocheted bits and pieces are on their way to becoming a mini crocheted cactus garden! Stay tuned...

This wall is in our entry hall, and usually I have one of my small quilts hanging. Lately, I took down the quilt rail, and from the hooks have hung a trio of beautiful paper heart garlands from LaMiaCasa, one of my favorite shops on Etsy. I love how the late afternoon light is looking pink-ish... and how this looks a bit like an art installation, of a sort...

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting! I based my cake on this recipe, but added some cocoa powder to the frosting. It was ages since I baked a sweet treat. Our stove has been misbehaving, so I was thankful the cake turned out well. In a couple of weeks we're getting a new stove delivered. 

During the past couple of weeks, my fur-girl and I have had some good nap and rest time together... 

Again, thank you to all who left comments lately, and for those who took time to send an email to check in and be in touch while I was on a little break. I'm feeling OK. Better...not great, but OK. I hope the boost of iron and extra self-care will help. As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, changes in my vision and bad headaches have also been happening. A trip to the optometrist confirmed it--I need new glasses, and not just new glasses, but progressive lenses. Welcome to age 45… LOL! It’s meant that yarn time--time for other things too, like reading, screen time, etc--has been less for the moment. And with a wait of 3 weeks to get my new glasses, I’m doing the best I can in the meantime. I had no idea how bad my sight was getting until taking the eye test! Anyway, just being as brief as I can, because no one wants to read a medical report, right?! But wanted to share what’s happening on my end, and why I might be a bit slow getting here sometimes in the next few weeks. But it’s all good... I rest when I need to, am taking my supplements, new glasses are on the way, working on it all--hooray!

Oh... my end-of-month foodie and book posts will be shuffled to May, where at the end of next month I'll do a combo deal of goodies eaten and read during April and May. It's good to be back! 


  1. i'm so glad you're back. and with a beautiful post here!
    you accomplish more in your 'down' times than most people do at full throttle! LOL!
    " I just really like writing things down. " i feel the same. i still do it. and i love it.
    but i've discovered... i do like my kindle now. actually i love it because i can make the print bigger. and my eyes are a lot older than yours! much less eyestrain with it. :)
    and it's lighter to hold than a book. and i never thought i would have said those last sentences. because i still love books. but am just ever so slowly joining this century! XO

    1. Thanks for the cheer, dear Tammy! :) It's nice to be able to find a way to enjoy and use both digital and analog, as each offers their own special way with usefulness. Much as I love real books, paper and pens, I think I would be a little lost without my phone and iPad... LOL!

  2. Tracy, it's so good to hear your catch-up. I love your new little dream pillows. Wonderful idea. Do you keep them in the freezer to keep them cool? And especially happy you are pleased ith your new church, which seems very convenient and easier to get to. The banner looks fabulous there. Very much like spring, at long last. And I still keep a paper calendar -- can't seem to go electronic with calendars or books! I feel like I NEED to write things as often as I can, especially with spending so much time online for other things.

    And finally, sweet Luna. Oh, I'm sure she was glad to have you close to cuddle with. Now, eat that spinach and perk up. I know--it's a slow go. (It took me a bit to get used to my progressives but I wouldn't exchange them for ANYTHING. Best medical thing ever!)

    1. Thanks, Jeanie! Working on gettin back in thr PINK here! ;) The novelty of attending church locally hasn't worn off yet, after many years of a weekly drive... It's so close we can walk, and look forward to adding a walk to church fine Sundays during the summer soon! I've not tried the herb pillows chilled, but that is a great idea... that could be soothing for migraines! Thanks for the tip! :)

  3. I am happy you are back and that you are so positive with everything. I love that you are finding ways to help yourself heal and feel better. I remember that I had a similar problem during my 40's with needed better glasses. It did help with my headaches.
    The shells that you collected at the beach are lovely. I am sure that walk was refreshing and that you could feel spring is finally arriving. That being said, we had 80's a couple of days ago and then it snowed some today. It's crazy here.
    Your church meeting sounded awesome! Love the hymns and music in our meetings. Good music brings good feelings of the spirit.
    Your sleepy time pillow sounds perfect. I struggle with sleeping issues. If you have a recipe for it; send it.
    I use my I-pad and other devices for journaling and calendaring. However, I do like a written copy too. I like to write down my lists; I may go back to it too.
    I will look forward to your post on your mini crocheted cactus garden. I also loved your decor change in your entry way. It's always fun to change around a bit.
    Thanks for the link for the chocolate cake recipe. It looks yummy!
    Of course, Luna is looking content and sweet as always.
    Sending loving thoughts and hugs your way! Love to you dear sister in Christ~

    1. Always such fun to see you here, LeAnn, and I love the things you share. :) For the herbs for the sleepy time pillow, it was one of the rare times I didn't measure the amounts of herbs used, as mostly I was using up odds & ends of dried herbs. The bulk of the dried herb mix is lavender flowers along with dried chamomile, as well as a few teaspoons of dried mint and rose petals. Lavender is the most relaxing herb in the mix. Either way you can't go wrong. :) I hope maybe something like this little pillow may help you relax and rest. ((HUGS))

  4. Oh yes, I was 45 when I needed glasses. Ha! I thought it was just the light in my office. Love the sock and will look forward to the cactus garden. The beach is so wonderful for walking, love seeing it. Sweet kitty! Happy you are enjoying your new church. It is fun to change things up a bit from time to time on our walls and you string art and place to hang note is so special.
    Hope life is good.

    1. Thanks for the cheer, Marilyn! I've needed glass pretty much all my life--all day, every day. It feels different now I'm needing a big change in glasses, though. I'm looking forward to the new glasses--it will be great to see well again! I'm playing with some different sock knitting now--trying to find my "magic number" of cast on stitches, yarn, etc. I'm feeling VERY yarn-y these days... hence all the yarn going on here... LOL! ;)

  5. Sometimes it's good to just take a break.
    I got progressive lenses at the beginning of last year and I love them. It took a couple days to get used to them, but now I don't have to remove my "normal" glasses all the time in order to read something - and then, as a result, have to look for them all the time.
    The cake looks so delicious!

    1. Thanks visiting, Carol... and for the glasses encouragement! I have the new glasses now and it's going pretty well with these new progressive lenses. :)

  6. Oh I love these glimpses into your busy life Tracy. Love all that you share. Your desk is so tidy. I need to work on mine. Its a mess at the moment. I really need help with it. Too much stuff. I need to have a HUGE clear out! So pleased you are enjoying your new to you church. It is a big boost to find a place that feeds you spiritually and emotionally like that, where you feel like you fit. Yay! My handwriting has deteriorated terribly over these last years. I need to practice it more. I type too much! Not good. Love your little bunting. I made a butterfly one for my new book and I am in love, LOVE with it! Such an easy make! Happy your eyes are getting sorted also. Its amazing how much our eyes affect our daily life. There will probably be an adjustment time when you get the new ones also! Your cake looks lovely and hooray for a new stove. Just like Christmas! Love YOU! xoxo

    1. Thanks for your sweet comments and sharing, Marie--glad to see you here! You are so right, finding a church/community that feeds spiritually and emotionally is such a big, important--that both bits are supported equally makes such a difference!


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