End of week at a glance...

In just a couple of days, Sunday, is the holy day of Pentecost -- an important event in the early Christian Church, celebrating the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and followers of Christ during the Feast of Weeks (Shavuot)... The gift of the Holy Spirit! Looking forward to Sunday morning church service! :) 

Above... a page from my Bible with some art journalling, using watercolors and stickers. I go in periods of dabbling in Bible art journalling, and feel pulled in that direction again...

In recent days I've been knitting any moment I can on this--the Allegra Jacket, which I've not shown in ages. And it is FINALLY finished!! It's taken forever, this one... The awkward cuff-to-cuff construction has made it not the most fun project I've ever knit. It has been like wrestling with a lilac baby elephant... LOL! For weeks--months, really--I pushed this back in the work basket in favor of more fun things to work on... a reindeer colorwork cowl, socks... But I'm done! 

The fit of this cardi/jacket is great--very comfy and cozy. I do love the lavender color of the yarn!  And my new glasses are purple-ish, so match-y-matchy! 

Using fabric scraps (from my vintage-style apron made last summer) I sewed up this simple, funky plaid & print knitting/crochet project bag. It is lined and with a drawstring. I love the handy outer pockets. I'm liking bags for individual projects, otherwise my project basket would get too messy with everything in a heap. 

And something new is on the hook... a crocheted cardigan! More on this coming soon! So excited about this project! 

We've been having WARM weather this week... a mini summer heat wave! Sometimes as much as 25 C/ 77 F...which is hot for here! Meals have been lighter--quick and easy--like this Pasta con le sarde... Pasta with fennel, sardines, anchovies, sultanas (golden raisins)... The raisins are an unusual taste and texture with pasta, but the hint of sweetness is a such an interesting contrast with the rich, savory flavors of this dish! 

And our little Luna... just because... ;)  I take photos of her all the time. This is a sweet one from this week...

TJ and I are taking today off, and making a long weekend of it. Hopefully some fun to be had, as it's been a lot of work and all sorts lately. Wishing you all a lovely weekend now! :)))


  1. Hi Tracy, I enjoyd so much your post. It’s holiday here on Monday too. I love your lavender cardian, it’s beautiful! I love this soft lavender colour too, especially at this time of the year. I have several needle projects yet lately I haven’t done much ... I have been colouring in actually :-) little S got me colour in books for my bday and I just couldn’t put it down. It’s so relaxing! All the same like you talked the other day about hand writing, I love that too! Your garden (previous post) looks amazing! So does little Luna, I always enjoy her pictures! She is very photogenic and she does not even know that she is becoming your blog star ⭐️
    Well sending her lots of kisses and lots of hugs for you and wishes for a peaceful and restful weekend with TJ. Lots of love Jitka

  2. Thanks so much, Montik... and great to see you here! :) Coloring books are sooo much fun! I don't have one at the moment, but should get one--color play is good for the body and spirit, I think! Oh, I think Luna does know she's the superstar around here! ;) LOL...

  3. I don't know which I love most -- the splendid cardigan (and you look terrific in it, by the way) or the exquisite journaling on your Bible pages. It makes the words, the thoughts, all the more beautiful. And that pasta dish sounds really good. I think I'd enjoy that one a lot.

    LOVING our Luna! She's got the best face!

    Happy weekend. Enjoy your extra days to relax and play.

    1. Thanks, Jeanie! :) I may not be using the acrylics anymore for all their plastic connectikns, but at least the watercolor paints are still eco-friendly enough. ;) Oh, you would like pasta dish... maybe something for your Poppers get-togethers? Luna is a super-sweetie. Her cute face lights me up every day! :)))

  4. oh darling girl of the north!
    beautiful pictures! and little photogenic LUNA! LOL!
    i think she knows it!
    well. could i use any MORE exclamation points? i don't think so! LOL.
    have a wonderful weekend with your beautiful Viking! xo

    1. Oh, yes, Tammy, Luna knows she's a beauty... haha... Oh, and the more exclamations points the better!! ;) ((HUGS))

  5. Your cardi turned out lovely.....and such a perfect fit!!! Kudos!!! And another on the hook already? You have been busy....busy!!! (I'm great at getting things ON the needles....not so great about getting them off!!!!!) Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks for the cheer, Steph! I seem to be on a roll with cardigans now! ;)

  6. Love your weekly catch-ups Tracy! You have such a lovely life and I am so pleased for you that all is working so well. LOVE the photo of you wearing your new cardigan. Well done. It's beautiful! I adore the colour! And another one in the making. Love the colour of that also. And who doesn't love lil Luna! So much to love here. We will be glued to the boob tube until 2 pm as we watch all the wedding celebrations. Yay. I do so love a Royal wedding! Love, hugs and many blessings to you. Happy Weekend! xoxo

    1. Thank you, Marie... you always leave such sweets here! Yes, we are blessed with a good life, and very thanful for sooo much! And especially after a few rough years, it feels all the more sweeter and joyful to be in this good space in time. We were out & about Saturday, but we did get to see a 2-hour condensed version of Royal Wedding day events--LOVELY it was! :)

  7. The cardigan is just beautiful. I love the style and the color sooo much. Sweet Luna, thanks! The art in your bible is beautiful. The pasta dish looks so delicious too. Now I want to make it.

  8. Oh, I loved reading this one. I like your Scripture art journaling; it looks fantastic. I always enjoy reading in the the scriptures about the day of Pentecost. I don't know what I would do without feelings of the spirit.
    Your new knitted finished Lavender Cardigan is beautiful. I love the photo. You are a lovely woman. I liked that is was all match-y; sweet!
    I will look forward to modeling your next project of a crocheted cardigan. I love the start of it.
    Your knitting/crocheted is a perfect idea. I loved the pockets on it.
    Your Luna really is a great looking fur baby. This was a lovely shot.
    Happy that you are having some warm days and the meal look delish!
    Hope you weekend was marvelous and you had some downtime fun.
    Sending loving thoughts and big hugs your way dear sister friend!


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