June Moments...

Just a little sampler from recent days here... Our new kitchen stove is wonderful. It is so much more efficient than our old one. The oven offers different functions depending on what you're baking. There's a pizza setting-love that! And the bread we're baking just seems extra good these days with the new oven... haha! Anyway, simple meals and snacks these days, as sometimes it's been way too warm for much cooking and baking. I learned the best way to store radishes in the fridge--in a glass container filled with water...they stay crisp longer! Change the water every other day or so. 

Creative fun continues... Two pairs of socks are on the knitting needles. A very scrappy backing was sewn for my French Boudoir quilt top. And some progress on my vintage-style crochet cardi, the Beatrice Cardigan. I’ve really been enjoying this crochet project...and now ready to join the sleeves and start the color yoke!!

And our Luna... of course... ;) 

Wishing you all a HAPPY WEEKEND!! :)))


  1. Thank you for the lovely visual treats! I didnt know that radish could be stored that way, we like to grow our own and if not eaten that day it kind of shrivels up, so must try this method. I also have the simple prayer book... I think mine has a much older cover though. Love the quilt and the beautiful summer patterns and colours! And last but definately not least... Love the pic of Luna!! Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I LOVE this post! the pictures are wonderful.
    I grew up learning to "crisp" vegetables for snacks. or just to keep.
    my mother and Gram always put prepared carrot sticks and celery in water
    in glass refrigerator dishes! they were so refreshing on a hot summer day.
    so happy you're having a wonderful summer. :) XO

  3. You are rocking in the creativity zone! WOW on the socks. I bow down in admiration for working those tiny needles on two pair! And the quilt is so pretty, the food looks wonderful. And then there is Luna who is poetry itself! Bravo. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. some lovely things here! I am so very glad!!! it's so nice to be able to create, bake and enjoy things from the garden!

  5. I loved looking at your photos for the month. You have some great moments. Luna is adorable as always; cute picture. The food looked yummy. I love radishes and will remember how to store them better.
    You knitting projects are coming a long well. I will look forward to you modeling your cardi.
    Your Quilt top is lovely and I like the colors.
    I'm happy you are having fun with your new stove. The bread looked delicious. I can just taste the butter and perhaps honey or jam on it.
    Thanks you for your lovely comment on my posts. I am so thrilled we are friends. I enjoy your posts very much and feel you are a close sister in Christ.
    Loving thoughts and hugs being sent your way!

  6. That bowl of food looks so good! Always love seeing what projects you are doing, they are most wonderful.

  7. I hope your weekend has been enjoyable with lots of handwork and Sabbath thought. Just scrolling down your photos, I can see you are having a wonderful June!

  8. Oh my gosh, you make the best salads and veggie mix dishes!

  9. I always love these photo catch ups with your goings on Tracy! Like sweet little glimpses into your beautiful life. Thanks for the tips on the radishes. Its been quite warm here also. I love it! I hope that the rest of June is as good to you as the beginning half as been. Hard to believe the Summer Solstice is tomorrow! Its not getting dark now until almost 10 pm! And it is light out by 5 am. I love the longer days, after tomorrow they will start drawing in a bit. Love and hugs to you in your little Norwegian Kingdom from my little English one. xoxo


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