Many Thanks!!

Just a little note today to THANK YOU all for the warm and wonderful response and comments you've shared about the podcast. Both TJ and I are almost speechless... our hearts runneth over! 

The flowers above are some from the summer garden and which I've dried. Whole flowers and dried flower petals make pretty decorations on cakes and sweet treats.

It's some full days here of home and garden things, projects, and much more, so apart from the post/podcast at the top of the week, it's been a bit thin here this week... That's going to be September! I'll be back soon... 

Again, TJ & I thank you with all our hearts... :))) Happy weekend!!


  1. This is a lovely post and I think the flowers are so lovely in the photo.
    I am so happy that you received postive feedback on your post and podcast. It truly was marvelous. Thank you sweet friend for your generous and loving comment on my last post. I am so happy we have become friends. You truly are a beautiful person inside and out and I love following you. Sending loving thoughts, hugs and blessings for a true sister in Christ!

  2. You are so welcome Tracy. I love all that you share. I know a huge piece of your sweet heart is included in everything, and I know TJ also has a very loving and giving heart. It was one of the highlights of my life to be able to spend that day with you and TJ that time! Love you both so much! xoxo

  3. Your dried flowers held their color so well!

    I do love the podcasts and how fun you both can work on them together. The blog photos that go with them make them a wonderful multi-media experience!

  4. to my Viking and little Girl of the North and tiny Luna... XO (a huge snoopy hug!)
    what wonderful kids you are. the future is in good hands. :D

  5. I seem to be a bit behind with your podcasts, but I did enjoy the one I listened to. Will try to catch up with the others soon. Marie x

  6. Thank you so much everyone... I'm so glad you find much here to enjoy!! :))) ((HUGS))


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