Never too old for pom poms!

It began on a windy day a couple of weeks ago, when we were visiting one of our favorite beaches... It was a VERY windy day. I ended up having to borrow a sweater TJ brought along, and I wore it over my jacket, which was not warm enough, or wind-proof enough. A beanie or hat of some kind would have been nice to have on, as I was feeling chilly all over... my head too! A light but warm hat...

After we were home from the day at the beach, I did a rummage through my craft supplies... Yarn from my very first attempt at sock knitting was re-purposed, and over a few days I crocheted this fun and funky earflap beanie. Because of the short color changes in the variegated yarn it's difficult to see the stitch pattern, but it is crochet--simple double/treble crochet. It is snug and cozy-warm with the wool-blend yarn. And I had to add the pom pom! Never too old for pom poms! ;) (The pom pom is "anchored" to the hat on the inside with a button--keeps the pom pom steady and non-floppy. This works well for most any pom pom, or those faux fur pom poms.) And I love that this beanie matches my new wind-proof jacket... Ready for chilly, windy autumn days ahead! 

The light was a bit odd when taking these photos... I like to think of this light effect as "God Light"... :)))


  1. this is great. I LOVE that hat! here where I live you would have to tie it under your chin. when your food blows right off your plate here it's pretty certain hats will blow off your head too!
    that third picture shows the inner Tracy! LOLOL!!! oh. wait. no.
    just plotting your next project!
    there for a minute I thought you were 'up to something!' :D

  2. You are too darned cute! And you're right -- never too old for pom poms!

  3. Oh, you cute girl, you! I loved your Beanie hat with the pom, poms. Yes, you are never too old for pom poms. The colors are beautiful and you did a fantastic job crocheting this one.
    I loved all the fun beautiful photos of you. You should be much warmer in this fall weather that is rolling in.
    Sending loving thoughts, hugs and smiles your way for this awesome post!

  4. Very cute! Hope it keeps you warm in these early autumn days. Marie x

  5. How cute are you Tracy! How adorable, how fun! And I like the term "God Light!" You are glowing. Love the tip on using a button to keep a pompom in place and steady! Thanks for that! Love all that you share my dear sweet friend! LOVE YOU! xoxo

  6. I love your playfulness and pom-pom's. What fun to see!

  7. Thanks so much everyone... you girls are the BEST!! :))) ((HUGS))


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