Body and Soul... make do and mend year 2018

We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves. We have the power to imagine better. --J.K. Rowling

Here we are into another month and into another Make Do and Mend challenge! All year we've been using the Make Do and Mend Sustainable Year Planner by Jen Gale, who has re-branded from My Make Do and Mend Life to A Sustainable Life. Unfortunately, the link to this planner no longer works, it seems... but Jen Gale has other new free resources! I have the planner on my iPad and so we're still able to use it. 

This month's challenge towards more sustainable living: Body and Soul

For the Body, this might meant finding ways to toward more sustainable and plastic-less products for body and health care, such as making one's own toothpaste, deodorant, soap, shampoo, etc. Also taking more positive steps toward body health, fitness and smart eating.

And for the Soul, it's all about seeking ways to support the mind, heart and soul better... like thinking about what sustains these better. Asking questions about what we consume, like what we listen to, read, watch, etc... are they supportive for the mind, body and spirit?

These are challenges I feel like I'm always working with, and have been for some time! I've already been sharing here some of my steps toward plastic-less/free hygiene products and natural approaches to body card. You can look back on some of my posts for, among other things:

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So sustainable body and soul care are pretty big around here and has been for some time. Sustainable soul care has been ongoing all my adult life. My more sustainable body care really began about five years ago... And I'm still working on it all! So I feel more prepared for this month than maybe any other of the sustainable life challenges this year. Picking up on all these good things and carrying them forward... 

Do you have a special project or focus for this month, or for the year?  Do you have any tips or ideas to share?! 


  1. I don't have a special project or focus really right now but enjoyed reading this! sending you a big HUG and lots of love!!!

  2. There are always things we can do, little things we can change. I love your posts like this Tracy. I learn a lot and you inspire me to want to do better. Its all good! Love and hugs, xoxo

  3. I loved reading this one. I especially agree with the need to take care of our body and soul. We have these magnificent bodies as gifts from a loving Heavenly Father so we should take care of them. I'm always working on this one. What i lack most is exercising as consistently as I should. I am eating better; which is good.
    I really love most taking the time to care for my soul. We do need to feel our souls with living water and bread of Christ. That is attending our Sabbath day meetings, partaking of the Sacrament, prayers, reading of scriptures. All of these are basic in my life as I know they are in yours.
    Blessings for you sweet sister in Christ! I love you faithful heart.


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