Spring arrives...

Roses at the supermarket... LOTS of them! A great sight for my winter-sore eyes. The calendar says spring now. Some days there is a hint, a whisper of spring...No roses in our garden yet, and won't be for many, many weeks. But for now these beauties help with a spring-time feeling!

What moments of beauty have you experienced lately?! 


  1. These are gorgeous, Tracy! Such a perfect remedy for the mid-March blues when it seems as though spring will never, ever come! Flowers have been bringing me joy, too -- mostly grocery store tulips! Going to the nursery on Friday to get a bulb garden or two! Then I plant them in the garden for next year!

  2. Don't you just love that you can still enjoy flowers in the cold months at the market? Sometimes I just stand there for awhile and take in the beauty. We have our first rose bud in the garden and the plum tree is full of white blossoms. The cherry tree is just beginning to open it's blossoms. Though it is rainy and grey skies the flowers are coming out.

  3. Beautiful roses Tracy! Hooray for Spring. Can Summer be far behind? I think not! xoxo

  4. PS - I forgot to mention my moment of beauty. Mitzie's face when she jumps up next to me on the sofa. Her eyes are so filled with love and I know it is pure and unconditional. xo

  5. so beautiful!
    nature throws a party!
    and we're all invited


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