Simple Gifts... fish fridays during Lent

Simple Gifts... Linguine with mussels in a light tomato sauce with a touch of garlic... This one's a favorite Lenten dish at our house.

And a cheese souffle (my first time making a souffle!) is also a lovely meat-free Lent alternative.... so delicious!

During Lent "less is more" takes on a new, different and wonderful meaning. With less we can become closer to God, and to others. Whatever extra we have, we share with others. Aligning the heart more and more to God. To me, Lent feels so rich! One more week to go on this Lenten journey... and then the rejoicing time of the Ressurection and the Easter season.

Are you practicing Lent in some way? What are your favorite fish or meatless recipes?!


  1. That looks delicious and I'm very impressed with your souffle. Souffle and mussels -- I want dinner at your house!

    My fave meatless is shrimp and grits. Especially using Bob's corn grits (much like polenta). Bobby Flay has a great recipe online. Oh, it might be my last meal choice!

  2. Beautiful and delicious Lenten tradition, Tracy! And nice to see you back online. I love mussels and have found that Trader Joe's has a nice frozen selection of small ones. Going to try them in a lime cilantro curry sauce ;-) Happy Friday to you!

  3. I admire you for how you celebrate Lent!
    The soufflé looks perfect! It has been a long time since I made one.
    Happy weekend dear Tracy.

  4. ohmygoodness!
    this is the first I see here this morning before sunlight. and it's a joy!
    and it looks delicious!!! even for breakfast time LOL!
    it has been wonderful celebrating lent with you this year. blessings to you dearest girl of the north. XOXO♥

  5. yummy dishes---both! Salmon seems to take front stage in our house during Lent. :)

  6. Tracy those dishes look so delicious! And how beautiful your first souffle is.
    My meatless dishes tend to evolve around legumes or mushrooms in curries, pastas or Mexican food.

    wishing you a good week!

  7. I remember when I was growing up so many of my friends had meatless meals on Friday all year long. When I was first married I would try to have a meatless meal at least once a week and still try to sometimes. My church does not have Lenten rituals, but I appreciate others that do celebrate it. Both meals look utterly delicious!

  8. Your food looks delicious Tracy. I am sorry I havent responded to your last e-mail yet. I've had a lot going on, but it's on my list of things to do! My favourite meatless meal is just spaghetti with butter, cheese, salt and pepper. Yes, I am boring. lol Love and hugs to you, TJ an Charlie! xoxo


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