Waiting for His Coming... Advent Week 3

REJOICE... I rejoice in this light, His light... His promise...

Today is Gaudete Sunday, the third Sunday of Advent. Gaudete is Latin for "Rejoice". This day, midway through Advent, a sense of JOY is heightened as soon the happiness of Christmas Day is nearly here--The Lord's coming.

Gaudete Sunday is often marked by rose-colored candles and decorations at Church, priestly vestments etc. I couldn't find the right rose-pink candle to work with my Advent wreath here this year, so continuing the purple theme... but with extra JOY

"Gaudete in Dominio semper... gaudete"
Rejoice in the Lord always... rejoice...  


  1. I think your purple is lovely and you know about rejoicing so I'm sure it's all fine! Purple is just really dark pink!

  2. As your image was loading, I thought it might be a painting of yours, with the golden light :-) Rejoicing with you in this season of Advent.

  3. The candles are lovely! I do believe we should always rejoice in Christ. I enjoyed reading the link and the feeling about this week of advent. Love blessings and hugs for you!

  4. It won't be long now Tracy! Wishing you, TJ and Luna the happiest and mos blessed Christmas. Love and hugs to you all. xoxo

  5. I was singing along to Gaudete earlier in the week - probably just as well no one else could hear me. Mr C commented recently that he likes to hear me sing because he knows that I’m happy, but he isn’t impressed with my singing! Marie x


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