Thankful... day 25

O, Jesus, our Eternal King, Reign in our hearts...
O, Jesus, King who's Sacred Heart burns with Love for all mankind, Reign in our hearts...
O, Jesus, King who is the the Beginning and the End, the Alpha and the Omega, Reign in our hearts...

Today is a special day in the Christian calendar... The Feast of Christ the King/Christ the King Sunday. 

This celebration day is a relatively new one in terms of the Liturgical calendar. Dating from 1925-- during times of recovery from the destruction and devastation of WWI, and the waves of secularism and commercialism during the post-war years-- this day was created to help remind Catholics (and the world at large) that Jesus Christ is Lord of the Universe...Lord of all--as both God and Man. And so we are well reminded today...

The Feast of Christ the King is also significant in that it is the end the Liturgical year in the Christian calendar. The "new year" begins with Advent, coming up next weekend. So today, we mark a year's end. And we anticipate a new year, with new opportunities to become closer to Jesus, the King, grow in His LOVE, and walk in His ways... 

I am very THANKFUL for the gifts of the Church year!!


  1. Like you my sweet friend, my faith plays a HUGE part in my life. I do not know where I would be without my Saviour and His sweet example. Where I would be without His love and that of my Heavenly Father. I love how you share with us so beautifully this wonderful faith of yours. That is something which is getting more difficult to find in a world where all that is secular seems to shout louder and louder, drowning out the voices of the Spirit. Love you and your faith my sweet friend. I am grateful for all that you share with us. xxoo

    1. Walking deeply a spiritual path can be really hard whilst living in a very secular culture... Pushing out that noise, nonsense, things with empty spiritual calories, etc... We can only do the best we can, and pray! :)

  2. there is something about the human soul that loves fresh starts.
    at least in mine. I like a fresh sheet of paper. a new season. a clean slate!
    I love the quiet of the winter season. time to regroup and savor.
    I've had terrible bronchitis for most of this month. I can finally breathe
    without going into an uncontrollable coughing spell. I've been thankful lately
    for simply waking up alive in the morning! I don't always comment but I have
    read every one of this series of thankfulness reminders. and they've been wonderful.
    thank you Tracy. have a wonderful feast day today! xoxo

    1. Thank you for your lovely thoughts, Tammy... I'm thankful when you can stop by! Glad you are slowly on the mend ! It's good to be alive... and breath alone is a VERY good thing to be thankful for! :) I the clean slate of a new year too!

  3. Lovely, Tracy. Enjoy the day.

  4. Tracy, thank you for sharing this beautiful celebration day. I love it. I love Christ the King of the Universe and I love the idea of starting a new year to grow closer to Christ, grow in His love and walk in His way. I love it all. I like learning new things about your beliefs and this is one I am not familiar with at all.
    Sending loving thoughts, hugs and lots of love for your thankful heart on this one dear Sister Christ.

    1. Christ the King, in some form, is a special day in many of the Christian paths, but not all... I think it's a splendid thing! Christ, King of the Universe-- how glorious! Regardless of particular spiritual path, this is a good one to celebrate in the heart at least! :)))


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