The Light of Advent...

Heavenly Father, I thank You for Your greatest gift of love...
Come, Lord Jesus, come...

I just LOVE Advent--a most special season in the Christian Church. A time of preparation--the preparing of hearts, minds and bodies to receive the coming of Christ. His first coming is remembered, His second coming anticipated... It also marks the beginning of a new liturgical year. A time of preparation, formation, prayer, and celebration.

The Advent wreath is a devotion --used liturgically, as well as in the home-- for symbolizing the passage of the weeks during this season of waiting. Today we light the first Advent candle... 

This year I won't be writing Advent candle posts each week during December, as I have in years past. Just wanting to add some breathing space to life at the moment. To slow down a bit and savor this season. TJ & I are hoping to put together a podcast soon, though. Our plans for Christmas are a bit up in the air... But we'll see what happens!

Wishing you all a BLESSED and BEAUTIFUL Advent! :)))


  1. yes. a time for slowing down and savoring every moment of what we do...
    in awareness of the season and with love! blessings dear little bean. XOXO

  2. blessings for your month dear one!! and plans! so hard to make, at times! a big HUG!!!

  3. Enjoy your December Tracy, and catch your breath, drink in all of the blessings of the season. Love and hugs to you TJ and Luna and the happiest of Christmas wishes! xoxo

  4. Advent is a blessed time. Sunday we spoke of hope as the first Sunday of advent was celebrated in our simple Quaker way.

  5. I loved your thoughts on Advent. This is such a blessed month of worshiping our precious Savior. I do think it is a time to slow down and enjoy the moments. At least, I am going to work on doing just that too.
    Sending happy thoughts, wished for blessing and hugs your way!